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A wide variety of walks for all to enjoy - old favourites & new ideas

The programme has just come back from the printers.  It is now uploaded to this site and you can book your tickets here.  'Hard' copies have gone out to our mailing list but if you haven't received yours yet, let us know - see the Contact Us page.

 There are plenty of opportunities to sample Herefordshire's wonderful food and drink, to reward yourself with a delicious tea and to meet & make friends old and new.

 Take a leisurely walk along the rivers of northern Herefordshire before a pub lunch or discover the  beautiful countryside round the southern end of the Malvern Hills in the company of the maker of  truly  indulgent ice cream, who will show you where it is made with some samples to taste.  To the  west, there’s history, flora & fauna before lashings of tea and cake.  .

What better way to explore the delights of Herefordshire than in the care and comfort of friends … we're putting it all together for you to enjoy.

An opportunity to walk in the footsteps of King Offa and King Ethelbert, sample the Bounty of Three Counties, along the banks of Bodenham Lake and the River Lugg observing the bird life and fauna, walk the nine miles of The Malvern Hills End-to-End or spend an evening in the stunning scenery of Paradise Valley.

You can’t pass up A Tomb with a View, an evening in Paradise Valley or the Bringsty Brockhampton Spectacular.  Spend a fascinating morning learning about 1000 years of Building with Stone or stretch your legs walking the Malvern Hills End-to-End.  The festival features the last two legs of Hill Forts and Castles, an unpublished route created by Ramblers member, Mary Watkins and historian Heather Hurley explores the world of 18thC Turnpikes. 

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