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   13 - 21 JUNE 2015

The Walking Festival 2015 brochures are here, the envelopes are addressed and we've almost finished sending out over 3,000 copies. 

If you would like a copy and didn't get one automatically last year, just let us know
through the Contact Us page or at walking@walkingfestival.com.

The brochure is also available to download on the 'Programme' page where tickets are available through On-line Booking.

The festival opens on Saturday 13th June 2015 with an exploration of Hereford’s Edgelands, crossing the River Wye on the new Greenway Bridge to climb to the summit of Dinedor Hill and return via the graceful Victoria Bridge.  Or choose to walk along the River Arrow to The Leen, an absolutely up-to-date farm with a herd of Hereford cattle founded in 1780 - a must for fans of BBC Radio 4's The Archers.

On Sunday, take advantage of a unique half day’s training using map and compass led by Graham ‘Sven’ Hassall of Summit Mountaineering and put it into practice orienteering on the beautiful trails, forests and slopes surrounding Symonds Yat Rock. 

Polish up your skills during the rest of the festival.

Join Herefordshire historian, Heather Hurley, on the Brockhampton Post Walk, newly created & beautifully carved, leading through a delightful valley and up to Capler Camp for the splendid views.
Explore the Olchon Valley locations described by Odie Robie in ‘Of Wet and Of Wildness’ her account of life there in the post war years.    Discover the Hay Ho! Sunday bus and enjoy the linear walk from Dorstone to Hay-on-Wye, via Vagar Hill, Cefn Hill, Newhouse Wood and Cusop Dingle - you might meet the horses.  There’s even time for tea before the return bus journey.   Drop further down the western edge of Herefordshire for a 6 mile circular walk from Skenfrith.

If you can't walk with the festival, join Jess Allen daily online with her solo walking performance during the festival, as she follows the power lines on foot as they cross the county east to west talking to the people she meets, inspired by Herefordian archaeologist, Alfred Watkins.  More details on the Trans-missions page

While you're waiting, have a look at the Herefordshire Ramblers Winter Programme  for walks county wide and over the borders.  All are welcome.