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   16 - 24 JUNE 2018

Remember to set the time aside to join us for nine days of glorious summer walking next year.

We probably had the best ten days of summer so far in 2017.  Almost every day dawned bright and sunny, leaders found the shady patches, slowed the pace where necessary and made sure everyone was carrying enough liquid.

This year, the long distance walk was four sections of The Wye Valley Walk as it makes it way through Herefordshire.  History, heritage, churches and farms were examined and the Summer Solstice was celebrated at dawn on Garway Hill and again in the evening at an orchard cider supper.  More cider during the week, when one route followed the apple from orchard to pressing machines in the Cider Museum.   The twenty-miler walkers made suprisingly good time and the bats flew again in the cool evening of the Lugg at Bodenham


So, it is time to plan for next year and if you have any walks, themes or resources that you would like to see included in the programme, please just email your ideas to walking@walkingfestival.com. 

We can't guarantee the weather but look forward to welcoming everyone to discover the lovely countryside, delicious food and the friendly companionship that Herefordshire has to offer.